Ninja Managers

A mentoring programme with a difference!

So often managers have been promoted on the basis of technical ability - we see them do well at their current role, and a promotion becomes a recognition of that level of mastery. But a different skill set is required to manage effectively, and this is overlooked. We wonder why so many new managers struggle, while their teams come to wonder why on earth they were promoted.

Ninja Managers is a 12 week, one-to-one* mentoring program  designed to equip new managers with the strategic thinking, and engaging and influencing skills, that they need to succeed in their new roles. It improves team productivity by at least 8%, by targeting the disengagement that occurs when a new manager doesn’t know how or where they should be focused.

What makes Ninja Managers unique is that it utilises a ‘flipped classroom’ methodology - that is, there is structured learning that each participant is required to do outside of the mentoring sessions, in order to make them as effective as possible. As a result, Ninja Managers delivers really well rounded managers - those who slay the strategic, people and technical components of their roles - in 3 months.

*Can be delivered face to face or via skype.

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